Tired of a dull boring website that
could be damaging your business? 
Upgrade to a beautiful, marketing focused
website that gets results!

Your website is the public face of your business, it’s what most of your potential customers see before they do business with you. What do you want your website to say about you?

A Digital Safari website will:

– Position you above the competition
– Engage and captivate your potential customers
РBe the proud face of your business 

Here is our unique process to deliver you a website that works:

Competition research
We find models of what you’re direct and indirect competition so we can position you well. We define what you like and don’t like so we show you business in the best light.

Competitive advantage
This is reason why customers should choose you over the competition. Having insight into quite a few businesses, we’re able to help you draw this out even if you’re not sure now. The website we build for you will revolve around this competitive advantage.

Here we mockup up to 3 options of what we believe will give you the best results. We give you unlimited revisions so you can be confident you’ll love you’re website.

Functionality design
After the mockup is approved, we turn the designs into a website, complete with animations, transitions and page structures. Well start to insert content at this stage so you’ll really see the website come to life.

All the major web browsers are tested for and we let you really put the website to the test, making sure it works the way we all planned. Any bugs found are ironed out, but these are usually minimal.

We walk you through how to update your website yourself using the easy to use content management system and how to manage newsletters, emails, blogs or anything else we’ve helped to set up for you.

We go live with your website and confirm everything is working as it should.

During the 3 month warranty period, we fix any of those minor problems that might pop up using your website and help you update it yourself if you run into any trouble.

An engaging website that gets results?

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